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Seahawk - newsletter 1/2006

June 8th 2006

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam.
I have been on Sea Hawk almost a month. The time seems to have gone so quickly because we have been so busy. I couldn’t believe what Alan had achieved while I was away in India – the starboard guest cabin is now Cunard standard with new windows and fitted cupboards, we have new lockers on the sun deck, new gas stove fitted in the galley and a new tender on the lower deck. After I arrived we had 5 days to stock the boat up with the help of our little car so made many trips to fill gas cylinders and stock up on essential heavy supplies like beer, wine and water. Also stocked up on new towels and extra crockery for our onslaught of visitors and puzzles and toys to keep Liam occupied. Then we left Belgium and sailed up to Amsterdam in horrible wet, windy weather. We managed to get our same mooring here on Java Island just minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam for the third year running – it is certainly a well kept secret!
At last the weather has changed to blue sky and sunshine which is such a relief because we have a real ‘boat full’. Sarah, Richard, Liam and Zoe arrived last weekend for 3 weeks holiday and on Sunday their friend Pee Bor from Thailand and her Swedish boyfriend Jo arrived for 4 days so we have a record 8 on board. We broke another record on Sunday by having 12 for lunch because we also had our friends Peek and Hein from Friesland visiting and George and John from our boat club in Belgium came for the day with the new outboard motor for the tender. Yesterday a chef friend of Pee Bor’s and his sister arrived and we had the most delicious Thai dinner on the sun deck, much to the envy of the people walking past on the quai-side.
Alan and I are doing lots of babysitting so that Sarah and Richard can go off on the bikes and explore Amsterdam. Liam is very happy to play soccer in the park down the quai-side and go for rides on buses, trams and trains which of course are all a novelty for him. Zoe is a very easy baby – she just eats, sleeps and gurgles.
Tomorrow we are all going on the train to Alkmaar to the cheese market. Richard’s best man Donald and his wife Bev arrive from London for a couple of days next week and then we leave for Friesland.
Please write back with news!
Tot siens
Liz and Alan
Sea Hawk

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